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Walk to School Wednesday.

Walk to School Wednesday

On Wednesday we encourage all our pupils to make a special effort to walk to school if they live within the 0.8km zone.  For those outside the area we ask that they park away from the school, or get off the bus one stop earlier and then walk in.   Our Year 6 WOW monitors survey each class every Wednesday and the data is uploaded onto the Kent Charity Team website. A trophy is presented to 2 classes who have made a special effort each week and occasionally prizes are awarded by the KM Charity. (More information on this charity can be found on their


Our WOW Monitors are:

Caterpillars  - Sydney Fonkwen

Dragonflies – David Dobre

Ladybirds – Libby Hoadley

Butterflies – Alice Nunn

Starfish – Pirana Yoganathan

Seahorses – Keisha Hutchinson-Shaw

Dolphins – Ronni Ryan

Polar Bears – Libby Smith

Penguins – Natasha Manku

Alligators – Ruby Barrell

Crocodiles – Daisie Kiely

Lions – Hevin Yildirim (Captain)

Tigers – Connor Stevens





We are the JRSOs of Gravel Hill Primary School 2016-2017. We wanted to apply for this job by writing a letter because we think that children’s safety is very important and will always come first! You can spot us by our JRSO badges, our names are:

Hello, we: Keira Hutchinson-Shaw, Bobby Mahon, Ceci-Joy Ebot-Ntui, Henry Teles, Hevin Yildirim and Shannon Meredith are this year’s JRSOs.

Being a JRSO is a big commitment, but is great fun! The six of us will try to keep you safe on and around the roads. We will produce some power points for assembly and there will be lots of activities coming up. We hope you enjoy them and learn a lot about road safety.

REMEMBER, the roads around our school are changing; but we will keep you up to date with what’s happening.







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