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The intent of the Gravel Hill computing curriculum is to provide all pupils with the opportunity to succeed in a world that increasingly becoming technologically focussed.

Throughout their journey at Gravel Hill, children will be provided with the chance to explore and use technology for a variety of different purposes. As they move through the school, they will expand their knowledge in computational thinking, problem solving, coding and programming, e-safety and more.

E-safety is taught at the beginning of each half term and always pitched a level suitable to your year group. We cover a wide range of topics such as passwords, social media and privacy. Each topic is taught in accordance with our E-safety policy and safeguarding policy.

By the time they reach year 6, children should be digitally literate and are confident using computation and information effectively.

Children should be prepared for secondary school with high- quality e-safety teaching, learning how to spot and deal with online danger or abuse and be able to pass relevant information on in the appropriate way.

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