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Confidence  Aspiration  Respect Excellence

The Gravel Hill curriculum has been designed to provide all pupils with the opportunity to succeed in life. Our curriculum is underpinned by our core values , barriers to learning and our overall aim for the children.

Developing cultural capital is at the heart of our curriculum, providing every child with the confidence to enter the modern world. In order to be ready for the modern world , we believe that our curriculum provides the opportunity to develop key skills for modern life:

The curriculum, underpinned by the national curriculum,  is designed to develop resilience and ambition in all pupils, through a broad and rich programme of subjects and experiences. Subjects are carefully planned to develop progression and depth of knowledge – knowing more and remembering more.

Learning opportunities for families are integral to our curriculum, workshops, Learning Showcases and Family Golden Time events are planned throughout the year.

We believe that personal, social and emotional skills are vital to children, if they are going to achieve the very best academically and more importantly, as adults of an ever-changing future.



Aims for all children


Effective communicators and collaborators

Termly showcase event

Promoting vocabulary across all subjects

Opportunities for purposeful talk in all lessons

Modelling of high level vocabulary

Pre-teaching of new vocabulary


Have curiosity and imagination

External trips and visitors

Exposure to quality resources and artefacts

Enquiry based lessons

Real life opportunities

Use initiative to problem solve


Be resilient and adaptable 

Promotion of every lesson and experience counts

Families actively involved in learning

Engaging lessons build knowledge and skills sequentially to a showcase event


Effective learners


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