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Late Arrival and Collection of Pupils

The morning register is taken at 8.55am; children are marked as late if they arrive in class after the register has been taken.

The school day finishes at 3.10pm in EYFS/KS1 and 3.15pm in KS2. Parents should be at school to collect their child/ren at these times. Parents who are not here when pupils are dismissed are late.

A record of late arrivals and pick-ups will be kept by office staff. A member of SLT will monitor the information provided and follow up regular or persistent lateness using the following stages:

  • More than 6 late arrivals and/or collections over a half term will trigger a Stage 1.

Stage 1

A letter will be sent to parents, highlighting the school’s concerns and giving a date by which the situation should improve.

A member of SLT will continue to monitor during this period and if there is insufficient improvement by the review date, Stage 2 will be triggered.

Stage 2

A letter will be sent to parents asking them to attend a formal meeting with a member of SLT and Parent Support Advisor, to discuss the lateness and any underlying issues.

Another review date will be set. In the meantime a member of SLT and PSA will continue to monitor and liaise with parents as necessary.

If parents choose not to attend the Stage 2 meeting, stages 3 and 4 will still be followed as necessary.

Stage 3

If the lateness persists, parents will be asked to attend a formal meeting with Miss Neale and the Chair of Governors.

At this meeting it will be made clear to parents that if there is no improvement by the next and final review date, then lateness will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Stage 4

Absences that fall below 96% will be referred to our Attendance Officer, who will follow the School Policy on Attendance.