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At Gravel Hill Primary School, we provide quality maths teaching and learning and high quality interventions to support all pupils. By providing a high-quality mathematics education we therefore provide our children with a foundation for understanding the world, a set of skills to reason mathematically and a love for the subject and the limitless possibilities it holds for them.  

We aim to:

  • Develop fluency through frequent and meaningful practice ensuring children are confident with key concepts, recall rapidly and apply knowledge to solve complex problems.
  • Develop confidence in using mathematical language to portray their reasoning and understanding, provide justified proof and evidence and to be able to understand and break down problems allowing them to persevere to solution.
  • Encourage children to be creative in their mathematical thinking and to make connections, between topics, from year to year and to the wider world.
  • Support children to use their mathematical knowledge across their entire curriculum e.g. through subjects such as science and others.
  • Create learners who are confident, see mistakes as part of their learning journey and see every lesson as an opportunity to challenge themselves and better improve themselves and their peers as learners. 
  • Provide those who are not sufficiently fluent with concepts the opportunity to consolidate their understanding and close gaps, through additional support, before moving on.
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