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Our School Day

***Please  note our school day will be changing from September 2023***
Below shows our new timings from September 2023
Arrival - 08:35am 
Collection - 11:35am
Reception to Year 6
Arrival - 08:35am - 08:45am
Collection - 03:05pm

The Gravel Hill entrance is open for dropping off children from 08:35am - 08:45am and collection time is 3:05pm.  Outside of these times, parents are required to use the entrance in Watling Street. This ensures that the children remain in a safe environment.

Please note that Gravel Hill gate will close, promptly, at 8.45am.

During the day there will be no access to the school site other than for those parents who have to collect their children for appointments or because they are sick, returning children from appointments or if you have an appointment in school. 

Please feel assured that the gates are not opened early under any circumstances - the well being of the children is our key concern. We fully understand that people don’t enjoy getting wet on the street but we also understand that everyone recognises the need to keep the children safe.

Please try to collect your child on time, as it causes distress to your child and inconvenience to the school if you are late collecting them.